Created from the SEP (Save Energy Program), PLANET is the result of the continued evolution of the lift as a product, developed through constant research into new materials and technologies, aiming most of all to reduce power input and limit environmental impact. The Planet lift is a low environmental impact model, built with up to 98% recycled materials, and driven by a gearless permanent magnet motor that offers excellent performance.


The excellence and quality of the materials have made it possible to obtain significant savings on energy consumption during use, and to guarantee reliability and efficiency. State-of-the-art technology, combined with the skills and experience of our technical staff, mean interventions are reduced to a minimum. Planet  features the complete absence of a machine room: the KAPPA-SYSTEM control system is based on sophisticated, reliable digital technology. The control module, which is integrated into the jamb of the landing door, on any level, is extremely compact in size.


The access system for this compact equipment guarantees quick and easy maintenance as well as any emergency interventions, making it inaccessible and protected during normal system operation. The hoist cables are made with special materials of the highest quality, and certified according to the highest safety standards. In terms of flexibility and resistance to wear, the guaranteed performance exceeds what is reached by traditional systems. The small diameter of the hoisting cable allows the use of pulleys of a diameter 50% smaller than traditional systems, reducing overall size and making installation far easier. The total absence of mechanical parts and lubricants reduces the frequency of maintenance interventions. The silent motor and disc brake operation, together with the speed control inverter, guarantee excellent comfort for passengers.


Planet can be adapted to a host of different architectural situations for the perfect compromise between standardised products and processes and the specific requests of the customer.