Designer by Bertazzoni Ascensori® is the customised luxury indoor lift that can be specially “dressed up” to create the perfect answer to needs dictated by fashion, design, and elegance in specific areas, ateliers, period houses, and historic buildings.

Lifts for interiors are a type of installation that can have different characteristics. Luxury lifts are complete with finishes and designs that suit specific needs and prestigious contexts, five-star hotels, seats of representation, and areas with a profound historic and artistic significance. Luxury lifts offer an image of comfort and taste, adding their unmistakable style to characterise different spaces. Indeed, indoor lifts are essential elements for making the most of a building. Its aesthetics are an integral part of the decorative style and therefore, it is essential to have dedicated customised features.



The details and finishes that include the cabin doors are just some of the many possible customisations. All of the aesthetic elements on these lifts for interiors can be decorated, built, covered, and completed according to the customer’s exact requirements. Our production department, which is staffed by qualified experts, is able to devise and create calibrated projects specifically tailored to customer requirements. These are incredibly versatile luxury lifts, completely tailored to suit the needs of the customer commissioning them.

There are countless types of plastic laminates, steel, metal sheet, lighting systems: every element comes together to create systems tailored to the size requirements and the wishes of the customer and in case they wish to add specific details that are not included in the offer, it is always possible to build it ad hoc, or find it on the marketplace, compliant with current standards.



For prestigious buildings or hotels, luxury lifts are built taking into account the different needs of the end user. In hotels, use ranges from businessmen to families and these installations ensure complete safety to continued flows of people, for any type of accommodation facility, from large tourist residences to small boutique hotels. All visitors have guaranteed easy and comfortable access. They are in fact roomy lifts, with wide opening doors and absolute excellence when it comes to levelling with the landing.


Collaboration with designers and architects of proven professional skill means we can design customised luxury lifts with top-quality finishes that integrate perfectly into the charm and atmosphere of the settings where they are installed. All types of area, from classic to modern style, can be enhanced with the use of these technologically sophisticated lifts that offer complete reliability as well as a fine aesthetic quality.

Luxury and technology come hand in hand to adapt to the surroundings where Designer is installed, creating systems that enhance their setting for an outstanding atmosphere. The users of these systems, as well as appreciating the style and all of the details that are used on interior lifts, can count on comfortable, safe travel. The lift cabins are designed to ensure complete passenger comfort, even for those who are afraid of using lifts.

The Designer range of lifts for interiors, which can guarantee the best possible satisfaction for customers who want the best when it comes to elegance and design from a vertical movement structure: a lift that  - by providing a practical, efficient answer to the most complex needs in terms of fashion - can give its best in specific sectors such as historic buildings, period houses, ateliers and all of the settings in which the best possible environmental integration is needed. Designer by Bertazzoni meets the particular architectural needs of buildings, offering elegant, technologically advanced solutions and adapting to specific needs in terms of shape and construction models for rigs.