Discovery by Bertazzoni Ascensori® brings together basic elements for a result with great visual impact. Shafts and frames are modelled based on architectural needs, transforming them into style opportunities and bringing marvellous panoramic installations to life. This type of outside lift system is often used in the contexts where there is no suitable space inside the building for the creation of a lift shaft. The panoramic lift is an excellent solution for historic buildings, inside and out.

The transparency of glass is in fact a design choice that improves insertion in building façades. The lift cabin with a glazed front also makes use stylish and fun for passengers, who have the possibility to observe what happens on the outside. These are structures that are able to be perfectly inserted in any living, commercial or industrial context since they can fit prestigious aesthetic features without detracting from the pre-existing structure in any way. This type of system is often easy to install. Which is another reason to choose it for your vertical transport needs.



An outside lift needs to have a series of essential characteristics. It needs to be watertight, as well as resistant to frost and all other bad weather. If it is installed in areas with a high degree of salinity, near to the sea for example, all of the parts need to be made suitable for this purpose. This type of system can also be useful in making buildings accessible to people with disabilities when the space is not enough to install a lift shaft. Outside lifts are used in historic contexts, with lift shafts installed in courtyards, and faced in glass to preserve the light in these spaces.


An outside lift is therefore an ideal solution for a whole range of valid reasons. The Discovery outside lift is our concept of transparency, able to combine quality elements to create a result with pleasing aesthetic effect. The cabins, rigs and other structural elements are in fact synergically integrated with the utmost respect for the architectural characteristics and features of their context, becoming authentic prestigious components with a spectacular panoramic option.



Like other collections in the catalogue, Discovery panoramic outside lifts confirm the full attention that Bertazzoni Ascensori® dedicates to achieving the utmost quality in terms of details, at every stage in the production process: an approach that is the cornerstone of the company’s success, and which has allowed it to obtain and renew the most important international certificates on the operation of the devices installed.

These are certificates representing the best possible guarantee of the professionalism in the way the company works. For this and other reasons, Discovery outdoor lifts by Bertazzoni Ascensori® are an excellent definitive solution to meet the needs for improving vertical mobility in private spaces and public places, through an integrated offer that supports the customer every step of the way, from the initial inspections through to testing, passing via the planning of interventions for every technical and permit need. The end result is constantly to the complete satisfaction of our client because this type of installation is an excellent, practical solution that is also very cost effective.

 If you’d like to find out more about our products and about the Discovery range of panoramic outdoor lifts in particular, then why not get in touch with the consultants at the numbers on our website? We’ll be happy to illustrate all of the features of this innovative quality line, our best installations, and the steps that will allow you to add to the functional use and style of your own space.