Bertazzoni Ascensori® guarantees its to give customers the best possible solutions to any vertical mobility needs: the reference lines in the company catalogue for lifts, elevators, and escalators are the largest technical ideas base to be able to integrate quality, lasting elevation systems into buildings with elegant design results. The benefits linked to the services offered by Bertazzoni Ascensori’s expert team of consultants don’t end here: in fact, the company has earned its place among the industry’s national leaders thanks to the possibility it offers to customise every aspect of its production, meaning users will have end results in line with their expectations. Your lift can become a unique, exclusive system, in perfect harmony with its surroundings.


A customised look and dedicated attention that Bertazzoni Ascensori® applies every day, to every stage, from the design to the creation of your system, and which also stands out in the preparation of customised lift cabins; the lift cabin, the first physical and visual contact with a building, can be designed and built based on customer specifications, preferences, and in compliance with the technical and environmental context, which influence the completion of the system.

Therefore, and without losing any of the consolidation from the highest safety and energy efficiency thresholds during use, including in specific conditions of environmental difficulty, Bertazzoni Ascensori® guarantees its customers that they can personalise every detail, operational and aesthetic of their lift: a genuine additional benefit that has allowed the company to become a national point of reference and to achieve significant success outside Italy, where more and more customers have shown their loyalty and trust in lifts by Bertazzoni Ascensori® .


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