Since1974 Bertazzoni Ascensori® has been designing, making, installing and fitting complete lift installations all over Italy and the rest of the world, working in various countries in and outside of Europe, above all through its Lift Marine division, which designs and installs lifts and dumb waiters on board luxury yachts.

Bertazzoni Ascensori® began as a dealer for the best national and multinational companies operating in the lift industry (Falconi, Otis, Fiam, Safov), before specialising, from 1986, in the design, creation and installation of complete systems under its own name.

Today, Bertazzoni Ascensori® has been a point of reference for the provinces of Massa-Carrara, Lucca and La Spezia, areas where it has always stood out from the others for the undisputed quality of its products and customer assistance services; however, Bertazzoni Ascensori® can also boast significant projects in other Italian regions and cities all over Europe, especially London. To this we can add Bertazzoni Lift Marine®, a younger company dedicated exclusively to the creation of lift installations on luxury yachts. Bertazzoni Lift Marine® operates out of the world’s major ports and can boast important partnerships with the best shipyards. Find out more about our Marine division here


Our Mission?

“A lift, just where you want it!”, which means, designing, building and installing any type of system our clients need.


Our strong points?

  • An expert, efficient, and friendly team
  • The best technology can offer, at our service
  • The very best partners in this sector
  • The ability to dream and to make you dream, too!




Certified Quality System UNI EN ISO 9001 - Extension to the directive on lifts, 95/16/EC Annex XIII.

On 10 November 1999, Bertazzoni Ascensori® obtained certification from CSQ - leading certifying body for the industry - stating the compliance of its quality system with the requirements stated in annex XIII of the Lifts Directive 95/16/EC.

Our company, which already possesses ISO 9002 certification, decided to extend its certification to ISO 9001 and Annex XIII of the Lifts Directive in order to sell and install lift systems under its own name throughout the European Community. .

Therefore, following the above, Bertazzoni Ascensori® can test installations on its own, without having to make recourse to the use of notified bodies or entities.



Quality finishes

The quality of the systems designed and installed by Bertazzoni Ascensori® is one of the strong points of the company, which delivers turnkey systems that can be customised in terms of materials, shapes and colours, according to the needs of every customer. A lift, wherever you want it to be!!

This procedure, which guarantees both product quality and safety, represents the possibility to eliminate waiting times for the regular installation and putting into service of systems, as well as the relevant costs.


Advanced engineering

Technical expertise, recognised at international level; the best designers available to us and the most extraordinary ideas: Bertazzoni Ascensori® is a world leader when it comes to the design and production of modern, reliable systems that are both attentive to the environment and also highly innovative. Engineering and ideas, together for Bertazzoni!



Certifying Company and Body ITALIA P.A.

Certified Quality System UNI EN ISO 9001 Extension to the directive on lifts, 95/16/EC Annex XIII.