Good Lifts

Bertazzoni Ascensori® elevators have been developed to provide a simple, hardwearing, and reliable solution for transporting goods and people from one floor to another in a host of different industrial contexts, in communities, businesses, supermarkets, and warehouses. Bertazzoni Ascensori® guarantees the utmost reliability in the production of sturdy, hardwearing, quick and simple elevators, fitted with every device needed to make them even more useful when it comes to serving their purpose, and even better integrated into the site where they will be installed. Water- and fire-resistant, as well as to corrosive agents, they will be your new point of reference for the vertical movement of people, vehicles and goods.


UP is an electrohydraulic elevator designed for vertical transport of goods, to different floors and underground levels for travel of up 12 metres, UP has a load-bearing structure that is secured to the wall and built in steel profiles, with combined bearings. The platform moves via a hydraulic cylinder with double idler chain.



The dimensions of the Hercules elevator adapt to transport and installation site needs, with special finishes in case of hospital use (bed elevators), restaurants, hotels, and even in private homes, with specific needs for moving goods. During the design stages, the loads are analysed using a calculation program to identify the correct dimensions and guarantee the load capacity and duration of the system.



Based on cutting-edge technology, the Hercules elevator offers top-grade precision in the landing stage processes, whatever the weight being carried.  Complete with doorway, doors and reinforced structures, they can have hydraulic or electrical operation, based on the capacity for which they are designed, as well as on the speed and distance to be covered.


The cabin wall finishes on the elevator depend on the characteristics of the work environment and the conditions of use. The sheet metal can undergo special treatment using epoxy resins and can be covered in special materials in different colours, including for use in chemical and food environments. The button pads stand out for their easy use and lasting reliability over time.



Elevators are among the most versatile, useful mobility means. They can be used in both commercial and industrial environments. This equipment is technologically advanced and, as well as being easy to customise, they also come at excellent prices. To choose the people elevator that best suits your needs, it is necessary to look at the technical and environmental constraints of the installation site. It is also a good idea to assess the practical needs that the elevator needs to meet. Our technical personnel are happy to offer consultancy and suggestions to our customers so that we can help them in choosing the best possible equipment for their needs. In particular, when choosing an elevator, it is necessary to assess the following:


The type of difference in height that needs to be addressed, considering that the electric model of elevator for people is faster and able to cover greater differences in height compared to hydraulic lifts;

Transport speed and capacity. This is an essential element when deciding the direction of choice. According to needs, it is in fact possible to choose an elevator with a different capacity and with different technical power supplies. Generally, hydraulic elevators can guarantee greater capacity but slower speeds, while electric elevators have lower capacity but higher speeds;

The volume and type of loads to be carried.

Considering these elements, it is possible to evaluate the best possible cabin size as well as the instruments for control and safety. In practice, the elevator needs to be customised, made to measure, and set out with precision to suit the needs of the user. This is why our staff pay such a great deal of attention to these aspects, collecting all the necessary information from customers so that they can come up with the best possible solution. Careful designs are the natural results of analysing customer needs. The results are reliable systems, built with care and attention to every tiny detail, and truly built to last.



Elevators can be of use in a variation of contexts, for companies operating in particular sectors such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, foods, and any other area where goods need to be moved vertically. These systems are fitted with a vast assortment of optional extras, in line with customer requirements. In practice, elevators can be installed where items and goods need to be transported vertically. They can move containers, boxes, heavy goods and crates. They are often used in commercial and industrial warehouses, but are also an excellent aid when used in smaller settings, such as shops and sales points, restaurants and hotels. They are also versatile instruments that are quite simple to use. Since they are destined to move goods, these elevators are controlled outside of their shafts. The buttons to call and send them are extremely simple and intuitive to use, and complete with all of the necessary lit signals.


Information prices and quotes for Elevators

You can reach out to us using the contact form on our website to receive all information and ask for a quote. Our personnel will make a careful inspection of the site. When it is time for installation, this will be a quick, simple process. Elevators are simple machines that do not compromise safety in any way. They have all of the requirements for easy, immediate use.