Escalators and Travelators

Bertazzoni Ascensori® presents a range of escalators and travelators: these products complete the range offered by the company on the vertical transport and automated mobility markets. As a distributor, it directly guarantees the excellent quality of the components which, together with professional assembly and maintenance expertise contributes to placing the range of products in a target market, where reliability and practical use are the foundation elements.


The choices and technological solutions of our escalators and travelators meet with the essential requirements: on one hand, they ensure comfortable use and efficiency for the user, while on the other, they eliminate the problems that often arise from installation and maintenance of systems. All this to provide maximum levels of quality and reliability to the system. The escalators provided by Bertazzoni Ascensori are compliant with all national and international safety standards.



  • FES Escalators: ideal for light and medium traffic (private, small shopping centres, hotels, offices, etc.); their main characteristic is comfortable movement combined with silent operation, without having to forego speed and safety.


  • FEH Escalators: a line of escalators specifically for public service and higher traffic conditions (airports, railway stations, underground railway, trade and exhibition centres, etc..), that adapt perfectly to suit the specific needs of the customer, while preserving characteristics such as comfort and durability.


  • FET-FEF-FEW Travelators: safe, reliable, efficient and easy-to-maintain travelators for airports, railway stations, underground railways, hypermarkets and exhibition centres.



Escalators and travelators are the main point of reference in modern group transport, since they serve to take users around inside buildings, according to commercial and also transport needs. Businesses can benefit from the use of travelators and escalators. This benefit is the result of increased customer flows, made possible by even influxes on all levels, with optimised user movement and a high transport capacity without any interruption. The sum of these factors translates as better economic results for businesses.



Bertazzoni Ascensori® systems are low consumption and have continued operation at stable speeds, from starting up to switching off. Alternatively, any escalator from Bertazzoni Ascensori® can be fitted with:

  • stand-by command with two-speed VVVF control. This system operates at running speed, which it reduces when there are no users, which lowers power consumption, reduces peak motor current by up to 52% compared to conventional motor drives, and reduced wear to components, compared to normal, continued operation or automatic motor start/stop;
  • automatic motor start/stop which can be adjusted from footboards, photocells, and integrated opto-electronic devices (radar) to detect approaching users and start the system. The time interval, from the passage of the last user to the switching off of the system can be tailored to fit in with customer needs.