EPLANET is the lift best suited to meet vertical transport needs in residential and commercial buildings. The use of gearless machinery, complete with a highly efficient synchronous motor, guarantees the best use of the energy used during movement, without any waste.



EPLANET is an interior lift that in some conditions, is able to produce its own energy (optional), returning it to the mains power grid so that other electrical equipment can use it. Powerful LED lamps guarantee the brightest possible light for extremely reduced consumption and immediate switch on times. Management, with different time bands for “parking” the system also guarantees reduced waiting times for users. If there are no calls, EPLANET parks at a set floor, according to forecast traffic flows for four time bands that can be programmed through the day.



A traditional lift for residential or commercial buildings where there is low traffic consumes most of the power consumed in its life cycle while it is at a standstill. Suffice to think that in a residential building with 5 stops, to cover an average of 200 journeys per day, the lift takes just a little over 1 hour. The remaining 23 hours it is idle. For this reason, the EPLANET interior lift for home or office has been designed and built using solutions that tend to reduce energy consumption to a minimum, even when the lift is “idle”, reaching class “A”  during standby, in compliance with Germany’s strict VDI 4707 standards.


EPLANET’s consumption in standby mode is less than 40W. Nothing has been left out to achieve these results: every possible electricity input source; a few minutes after the last journey, it is set to “idle”, lengthening the lifetime of the system and also cutting running costs. EPLANET is powered with three-phase mains power (400 Volts) while a single-phase version (230 V) is available as an alternative. An EPLANET lift consumes up to 50% less than traditional lift systems with geared machinery and up to 70% less than hydraulic circuits.



EPLANET features a total absence of machine room. The KAPPA-SYSTEM control system, which is based on sophisticated, reliable digital technology, controls all of the peripherals with a next-generation, serial CAN BUS system. The control module for the system, inserted into the jamb of the landing door, is extremely compact and perfectly integrated. The access system for this compact equipment guarantees quick and easy maintenance, as well as any emergency interventions, making it inaccessible and protected during normal system operation. The control system in stainless steel with LED back lighting, is a guarantee of excellent life cycle length. The LCD used for signs inside the cabin and on the floors, offer the very best in terms of operation. All controls come with embossed numbers and Braille characters, lit to make their use quick and easy, even for partially sighted people.



The hoist cables for the interior EPLANET lift are made with special materials of the highest quality, certified according to higher safety standards. In terms of flexibility and resistance to wear, the guaranteed performance exceeds what is reached by traditional systems. Together with the deflection sheaves, which are made using advanced technopolymers, they guarantee durability, offering the utmost comfort during movement. An innovative monitoring system controls the efficiency of the system for all travel, informing service engineers about wear conditions. The need for replacement is thus scheduled over time, according to the actual use of the system.



Created from the SEP (Save Energy Program), EPLANET is the result of ongoing evolution of the lift as a product, developed through constant research into new materials and technologies, aiming most of all to reduce power input.



98% of the mass of every EPLANET lift is fully recyclable. This factor, together with the ultra-low consumption, is a guarantee of maximum respect for the environment. EPLANET is an interior lift, built with sealed “for life” bearings, which do not require any maintenance operations.



The design, colour combinations on the walls, floors, doors, and control shapes, offer a wide sense of space, effervescence and practical use. You’ll be using your EPLANET lift naturally, like any other domestic appliance you have at home. A research and development team working in house works constantly on the development of new solutions to boost product performance. The materials used, the choice of cutting-edge solutions, the use of software with increasingly sophisticated calculation algorithms mean the best possible management of every traffic situation. Taken together, these factors ensure the use of the best technologies applied to EPLANET. It success is the natural consequence of these applications.