Insider by Bertazzoni Ascensori® is our line of lifts for interior and outdoor use, made to measure and with hydraulic or electric system, with or without machine room. This is the ideal solution for existing buildings, where technical, environmental, or administrative  reasons mean it is not possible to create a shaft or headroom to regulations (Fine Arts, specific nature of the foundations, interference with groundwater, etc.), in departure from current standards. A customised proposal that will be able to fully respond to all needs of a customer who does not want to dispense with quality.


Quality finishes, combined with first-class designs. A wide range of available models and the possibility for a specific project guarantee the perfect solution, able to ingrate smoothly into any surroundings where an indoor lift can be fitted. Insider offers all of the safety devices required by standards and is particularly suited to overcoming architectural barriers. Insider is a lift with a modern, technologically cutting-edge design, able to adapt to limited spaces and environments. Installation is possible by securing it to the wall of the building, or inside a metal rig.