Bertazzoni Ascensori® offers innovative solutions even when it comes to inclined lifts for indoor or outdoor installation, where the differences in level to be covered are set out in different areas, including over a horizontal plane.


Inclined lifts are the only lifts that can be installed on floors with differences in height, maintaining a low environmental impact, and guaranteeing benefits over the longer term. An innovative, quality proposal that has allowed Bertazzoni Ascensori to become one of the top points of reference in this field of vertical mobility, developing customised solutions to be able to guarantee the best possible use of any space. Inclined lifts for outdoor use are particular systems that can be used over any type of terrain. These systems make uneven hilly terrain accessible, even when covered in vegetation that needs to be preserved, or plantation and special crop lands, or  topographies that need to be protected.



Inclined lifts can be practical means of transport that are extremely useful in tourist resorts where, when there are panoramic spaces at high altitudes over slopes. They are a valid answer to the need for lift systems that can transport people in complete safety. These systems are built in excellent materials with extreme precision mechanisms, right down to the smallest detail. They get their name from the fact that they cover a path that is vertical but not straight up, since it is actually “inclined”.

These lifts, which transport people, can be used for public service, such as to connect two areas in the same city, one up high and the other further down. Inclined lifts are also used for private service, inside buildings, gardens or in open spaces. They are alternative systems to those generally used for mobility purposes, but they are also practical, economic, quick and often used as solutions. The fact of providing alternative routes to road traffic allows inclined lifts to arrive at their destination on time, guaranteeing passengers routes that will be completed with the utmost peace of mind. They also offer the possibility for passengers to immerse themselves in unspoilt nature and to pass through stunning scenery.



Inclined lifts operate thanks to a lifting system that uses a hydraulically driven traction cable, keeping them on a constant trajectory, thanks to guides, consisting of steel beams or rails. Their maximum incline, with regard to the horizontal plane is 75°. Past this limit, they are considered vertical lifts. Compared to cableways, inclined lifts have a trajectory with a steeper incline. Cableways are equipped with a traction system to pull them, while inclined lifts operate using a hoisting system.



Inclined lifts by Bertazzoni can be made to operate by hydraulic traction or cable, with or without machine room. They can be used indoors and out, and every solution is assessed with the customer to obtain the lowest possible impact on the environment, for immediate benefits that are destined to last.


Inclined lifts are therefore a range of quality lifts that complete the line of vertical transport and automated mobility from Bertazzoni Ascensori, which guarantees the quality of its components as well as the best possible assistance in terms of assembly and maintenance.

These are elements that our customers never fail to appreciate and which have allowed the company to count a large number of projects in its portfolio, and to build up an extraordinary amount of experience that it can re-propose, nationally and internationally. Available in compliance with the uppermost quality and reliability levels, and with fully customisable main components and designs, inclined lifts by Bertazzoni Ascensori can be a new reference point, bringing you an innovative, practical mobility solution.


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